LOUISVILLE, June 25, 2016 – Tommy’s Barbershop, where three generations have been cutting hair, announces it has cut in half the price of a haircut to $4 to help Louisville celebrate July 4th.

Tommy’s Barbershop will cut even the longest locks for the low price for the two weeks surrounding this July 4th, from June 28 to July 11. This promotion compensates loyal customers who have been coming to Tommy’s Barbershop far more frequently this year to keep their hair trimmed.

“Our customers know that short hair is back in fashion so they are coming in more often,” said Sam Jones, co-owner of Tommy’s Barbershop. ”This promotion is a way of saying thanks for visiting our shop.”

Fashion magazines like Men’s Health have said shorter hair is in bigger fashion this year. Customers’ tastes change every day and the owners of Tommy’s Barbershop have seen a wide variety of trends throughout the years. Tommy Jones, who started the barbershop 55 years ago and still works there daily, owns the store along with son Sam Jones and nephew James Jones.

Tommy Jones picked the $4 price tag because it honors the country and it reminds him of when haircuts actually were $4. This is the third year of the promotion, which previously brought in 50 percent more customers. Many barbershops in the region charge $15 to $25, particularly franchise-owned stores.

Tommy’s Barbershop is at the corner of 53rd Street and Highland Avenue. It is opened from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Other discounts are also available with a haircut. “Customers who have never had the pleasure of a close shave at a barbershop can get one for $15, which is 25 percent of our regular price!” Sam Jones said.

Founded in 1961, Tommy’s Barbershop has been a household name in Louisville for decades. Whether it’s long locks or short hair, we simply love cutting it. We also offer a wide variety of shampoos and gels to make every haircut shine.

Contact Information:
Name: Sam Jones
Phone: 502-333-1234
E-Mail: sam@tommysbarbershop.com

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