All of Publiqly’s Workflows follow the same five-step structure. We believe following these steps provides the most efficient way to write your news announcement. Here is an overview of our five steps with a short explanation:

  1. Preparation: In Step 1 we help you gather all the input you need to start writing your press release. We call this input your Building Blocks. For each workflow we have developed a unique Questionnaire, a list of targeted questions that you’ll need to ask your executives and sources to collect your Building Blocks. In this step you will also download your Template, a pre-formatted Word-document that serves as the starting point for writing your announcement. In the subsequent steps, we show you how to use your Building Blocks to fill in your Template and create your next press release.
  2. Connecting With Your Audience: Most press releases are written from an internal perspective. At Publiqly we want you to focus on the recipient of your announcement: your Target Audience. Whether you are targeting local customers, vendors or employees, this step helps you find a News Hook that resonates with your key audiences. If you’re writing an announcement about a sensitive issue, this step will offer you guidance on how to address the main concerns and speculation surrounding your news event.
  3. Writing the Top: Step 3 shows you how to use your News Hook to write the most important part of your press release: the headline and the first and second paragraphs. This is where you introduce the key facts (the “what, who, when and where” of your news), and connect with your audience by explaining why they should care.
  4. Writing the Body: In Step 4 we teach you how to write the third, fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs. This is where you put the news into context, elaborate on “why” readers should care and provide more details that couldn’t fit into the first two paragraphs.
  5. Finalization: So you’ve completed your press release; now what? Here we help you edit, fact-check and broadcast your press release in five micro-steps. This is basically a checklist of items to do before moving onto your next press release.

We’re always trying to get better at what we do, and as you can imagine there are many ways to show people how to write press releases. If the structure above works well for you or not, please let us know at

To get the most out of Publiqly, be sure to also take a look at our full Resource Library here for more tips and tricks.

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