Before you send out your press release, you’ll need to make sure the right people sign off on it. This step is often combined with the final Fact Check. It’s crucial that the relevant people fact check each and every word in the announcement. If you send out an erroneous press release, you risk an embarrassing situation or worse – spreading mis-information that might be almost impossible to unwind as you watch your news spread across the globe.

The people who have to sign off differs per press release and company, but the usual suspects are your General Manager/CEO, anyone else who is quoted in your announcement and perhaps your legal counsel. Make sure they focus their final check on the right things. Below is an email template to send to internal and external sources asking for sign-off:

Dear TKTK,

Please find attached a draft version of our press release about TKTK. Could you please focus your feedback on tone, completeness, correctness, and if it gives you the right feeling? To speed up the revision process, please share your feedback via track changes or comments in the attached document.

We want to finalize the press release on DATE, and send it out on DATE, so please respond by DATE.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at TKTK.



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