In this section we explain how to edit your press release. There are three main parts to editing a press release: the News Check, Fact Check and the Spell Check.

  • News Check. Here you’ll revisit the News Hook that you decided to go for in Step 2. You’ll have to learn to be your most skeptical critic when scrutinizing the newsworthiness of your press release. Simply put, if you don’t have a viable News Hook, nobody will read it. So take a step back, look at your headline and first paragraph and ask yourself “Why would anyone care about this?” If needed, go back to the News Hooks we suggested in Step 2 and make sure you picked the strongest one. Also, ask yourself whether you’re providing enough background and facts to back up your News Hook throughout the press release.
  • Fact Check. It’s crucial to go back through your press release with all of the relevant parties who are quoted, as well as those within your organization who helped shape the press release. Ask them to check whether your announcement has the right tone, theme and properly plays up the news. But also make sure that they fact check each and every word in the press release. Also, see our template e-mail here to send to internal and external sources asking for sign-off, which is often combined with the final Fact Check.
  • Spell Check. Double check the spelling of every word in your announcement. While automated spell checks in Microsoft Word are helpful, they aren’t perfect. They won’t catch it if you misspell your CEO’s name.

To get the most out of Publiqly, be sure to also take a look at our full Resource Library here for more tips and tricks.

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