To differentiate writing a press release from a list of plain facts, we use two key, but different Building Blocks.  You’ll use these Building Blocks to fill in Publiqly’s six-paragraph templates. Publiqly’s Building Blocks are made up of Facts and Narrative. Understanding the difference between Facts and Narrative is key to a well-written press release using Publiqly’s platform and also key to preparing to write a press release. Below we dig into our Building Blocks some more:

  • Facts. This part of your Building Blocks are literally the “new” facts that you’re announcing in your press release. We differentiate Facts by the color green in Publiqly’s templates.
  • Narrative. The Narrative are the facts that actually create the story and differentiate press releases written by Publiqly clients from press releases that read like lists of bullet points. Learning how to write your Narrative can be a challenge. Writing your press release’s Narrative gives you an opportunity to use anecdotes and examples that offer the reader a bigger, more creative and personal view of what’s going on in your press release — and within your company. This is your opportunity to make history and highlight the importance of your press release. Narrative is characterized by blue highlights in all of Publiqly’s templates.

Please go to Publiqly’s Resource Library here for more tips and tricks to get the most out of Publiqly.

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