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Popular stories in the media often originate from a press release. Each week we pick one of those popular announcements and distill down key PR lessons that you can immediately apply in your own business. This week: a global airline connection partnership announcement from easyJet.

EasyJet to Connect With Other Airlines’ Long-Haul Flights For First Time – The Guardian

The announcement by British budget airline easyJet about its new connections partnership was picked up by the Guardian and Fortune, as well as travel website Skift and even U.S. technology website CNET. What made this global travel story newsworthy and what can we learn from easyJet’s press release?

What Works:
  • Strong News Hook. EasyJet made excellent use of the superlative news hook by announcing the first global airline connections service by a European low-fare airline. The partnership and new booking platform with discount long-haul airlines WestJet and Norwegian Air, as well as Gatwick Airport, expand connection options for the companies’ customers.
What Doesn’t Work:
  • Answer The Why and Provide Details: The press release could have done a better job offering more details on why the news was important. While the quotes at the bottom of the press release offer a bit more insight, they look like a scattered and messy laundry list of comments from executives looking to see their names in the news.
What We’ve Learned: Clearly and Simply Explain the Why

EasyJet’s use of the superlative news hook got the press release off to a good start. But the announcement didn’t prepare for the inevitable criticism or explain clearly why the news is relevant to budget airline travelers. Travel site Skift was critical of the announcement saying the news was little more than a booking engine with unfavorable baggage transfer benefits. The press release doesn’t tell a coherent story but instead offers a scattered set of facts.

When writing your next partnership press release, ask yourself “Why does this news matter and to whom?” and “Are we explaining the relevance of the partnership in a clear and concise way with details that back up our news hook?” and “Does our press release tell a coherent story and answer the inevitable and obvious questions?”

Check out the announcement from easyJet here. Let us know in the comments below some of the lessons you can apply to your next press release.

Alex Armitage is co-founder and CEO of Publiqly, whose step-by-step systems help small and mid-sized companies write press releases that journalists and bloggers can’t ignore. Were you forwarded this post? Sign up to receive our weekly press release lessons directly in your inbox.

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